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Here’s how you can create professional looking video content straight from the comfort of your home!

The spread of Covid-19 has forced the world to tackle an unprecedented situation. Despite the struggle, millions of us are striving to make do with the resources we have at home to continue not just our daily lives and ensure continuity of our businesses.

If your agenda consist of taking control over your social media presence or entrepreneurial efforts through video content marketing, now is the right time to get creative. Here are a few DIY tips for creating incredible video content from the comfort of your home and that too, within a budget!

Let’s get started.


1) Turn that phone sideways!

We look at our phones vertically, and when we have a Kodak moment we take our phones out and hold it in the same vertical position to take the photo or video. But you will notice that any professional video content is always shot horizontally. After all, our eyes are – as Ariana Grande said – side to side. The horizontal format is superior to the vertical format because of the horizontal alignment of our eyes. This one simple technique will make your content more engaging and immersive in nature.


2) Backup voice recording

Often cameras have an in-built audio recorder and many videographers make the mistake of depending solely on the video-audio footage they shoot. However, there can be numerous audio disturbances within the range of the recording device such as the distortion of the voice because of an accidental finger graze over the recording element. While videos can be edited to perfection, an audio clip that is missed can cause immense grievances.

We advise you to record any interview and audio clips with an extra device. For example, if you are interviewing someone, you can of course record the video and audio on your camera but you can also use a spare phone, or voice notes on your laptop to simply record a backup of the audio. This way, you will have two audio files and can use the best parts from both to create your final video (if needed).


3) The term “B-rolls” sound familiar?

B-rolls are essentially extra video footage that can be used to add depth and variety to your content. It is wise to shoot extra videos and from different angles, in order to add more variety to your footage in your final edits.

Josh Gad recently made a series of reunion interviews with casts of classic blockbuster movies. The series is called Reunited Apart, which is on Youtube. This is essentially a Zoom group call, but he creatively edited in footages from various angle to make the episodes much more dynamic and interesting.


4) Natural light is not always the best option

While natural light is beautiful for many photographs and videos, it is sometimes not the best fit. For example, if you are shooting a recipe, natural light can be blocked as you bend over your ingredients. Similarly, feature interviews offer more depth where the focus is solely on the subject. Hence, it would be wise to invest in a camera light or try different lamps and lighting options in your home. https://Photographylightingtips.com can help you gain more information on different lighting techniques ranging from LED lighting to yellow lights and also offers great models to purchase for beginners! Fake it til you make it!


5) Some free resources to help you

If you are making a video from home and you are stuck in quarantine, it is only natural for you to have limited video footage. To make your videos more lively, you can secure free footage from websites like https://www.pexels.com/ and https://coverr.co/.

Good luck and drop us a message if you have any questions!

Rebecca Ting

Rebecca has over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry and has worked in a number of multinational insurance companies. Her area of specialization ranges from product innovation, strategic marketing and customer experience, with a passion for "fair trade" and transparent health insurance. She has had the honor to speak at events held by WEF, WHO and other non for profit organisations.

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