what we do.

Do you deserve your customer’s attention? 

Customers have very little time, and they must sift through an enormous amount of information constantly bombarded at them.  Your pitch for their business must be highly personalised and tailored to their needs.

But is that enough?  No!  Modern customers are now buying an entire experience.  Focusing on just the product or service is just not going enough. 

Uninformed or frustrated customers are often left with unsatisfactory experience and unlikely to actively engage in the future. Part of the solution is to offer innovative products; however, the customer needs to be engaged with you!  Poor communication creates huge frustration. Storytelling, images, and music are all universal languages that can be understood by anybody.

Show, don’t tell!

We think through stories, providing meaning and linking facts and figures otherwise difficult to remember.  Stories are a great tool for our brain and acts as a narrative map.  Research proves the impact of good storytelling on inducing hormonal levels.  A very easy example is that we can be made to feel happy or sad when something happens to a character in a story.

Studies have shown that the human brain can process images much faster than words, as well as remember the visuals for longer and with better accuracy.  Much more information is encoded in images and sounds with our brain being able to process them faster.

It’s not a new gimmick, it’s primal.

Storytelling has been one of the top sources of communication throughout history.  Even with the exponential growth in technological innovations and stunning capabilities, there is still a need for the brain to connect the experience with its meaning and story.  P9 helps you tell your story and we innovate the way how we tell stories.

By leaving certain “gaps” in the story, we can trigger brains to draw their own conclusions, giving viewers the feeling that they contributed and achieved something, creating a sensation called "The IKEA Effect".  The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias describing how consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created.

P9 uses transmedia to create immersive experiences to increase customer engagement, providing key information that can be used to improve the proposition for them.  We personalise that entire experience to you and your customers to improve their overall customer engagement.

Our creations include interactive films in real life footage or animations, in traditional 2D format, or as a Virtual Reality experience.

Innovatively Collect Customer Data

Customer data is important to understand their behaviour and understand how they can be better served. However, stalking their online information or activities may not be the most welcomed approach.  At P9, we want to help you understand your customers better.  We also want that information to be provided to you with consent from the customer.  Through our interactive films and animations, we create a gamified and fun approach for customers to tell you about themselves.  From gamifying traditional paper based application and underwriting forms, through to placing customers into situational games to understand their behaviour, we work with our clients with flexibility and creativity to address their data insights needs.

Not a sexy industry?  We are here to help change that.

P9 works with several different industries but has specific expertise in the finance and insurance industry.  Our team also has a strong research background in cognitive science combined with experience in storytelling and film production.

With its complexity and details, stories are a great way to bridge between facts and connect them to the (right) brain.  The immersive experience can raise customer awareness of a need. It can help the customer to satisfy that need, collecting valuable information about the customer through their interaction. Underwriting questions or other typically paper based processes can also be gamified to improve the overall customer experience.

Our Three Departments
InsurTech / FinTech

A highly technical but complicated industry, we work with companies to improve the customer experience and engagement. Our solutions range from using stories to raise awareness of an insurance or financial protection need.  We can also help the insurance and finance industry to innovatively collect customer data for underwriting, needs analysis, and for sales.  Our propensity model using situational based choose your adventure stories is an innovation in the market.


The future of advertising is a highly personalised and interactive experience, as it becomes increasingly difficult to gain customers’ attention.  We offer an alternative to traditional ads, with more targeted and personalised advertising contents.  Our user interactivity also allows advertisers to gain customer insights and actively collect customer feedback.


We believe in a future for a new genre of films and storytelling which include a layer of audience decisions influencing the storyline, or to allow the audience to navigate in and out of characters’ perspective creating a real-time experience of events within the story.





Winner of 2017 Japan Innovation Challenge

Winner of 2017 Regional Customer Engagement Award


Sponsored Exhibitor 2018


Sponsored Exhibitor 2018

Semifinalist of 2018 Unilever Foundry Startup Battle


BMW Financial Services Japan

BMW Innovation Lab 2018


L Marks Alumni


Rebecca Ting

Co-Founder & CEO


Rebecca has over 13 years of experience in the insurance industry and has worked in a number of multinational insurance companies. Her area of specialization ranges from product innovation, strategic marketing and customer experience, with a passion for "fair trade" and transparent health insurance. She has had the honor to speak at events held by WEF, WHO and other non for profit organisations.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Melbourne with Honours in Actuarial Studies, and a Minor in Information Systems.

In 2009, she founded Xi Shi Limited, a mobile wellness service specialized in prenatal and postnatal care, as well as providing wellness services to international artists on tours in Asia.

Rebecca also finds time for tennis, guitar and theatre. She speaks English, Chinese and Japanese.

Benjamin Tag

Co-Founder & CPO


Benjamin is experienced at all levels of digital media production, from pre-to post production, and is especially passionate about new storytelling models. He holds a Masters in Media Design and is currently completing his PhD at Keio University researching perception aware systems and human cognition.

Benjamin's portfolio of work includes promotion videos for the City of Yokohama, documentary productions with and for the Pavillion of Japanese Art of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and various commercial productions.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Philology from the Free University Berlin and has researched mass communication at Kyoto University. Benjamin is fluent in German, English, and Japanese.

In his spare time, Benjamin plays the bass guitar, reads political news, and quotes his favorite late night TV hosts.

Tanner Person

Interaction Designer

Tanner graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in artificial intelligence and human computer interaction. After working as a freelancer for several VR companies in the Silicon Valley, he moved to Japan where he is currently pursuing an M.A. at Keio University's Media Design program. There he spends his time in the Embodied Media lab researching the flow state in VR.

Previously, he did research in the High Level Perception Lab studying unique perceptual phenomena experienced in VR. He also led the Brain, Mind, and Consciousness Society as president, cultivating it into one of the school's premiere student organizations that disrupted the current paradigm of education in the university towards student empowerment and interdisciplinarity.

Andrew Vargo, PhD

Statistician & Data Analyst

Andrew has a PhD in Social Informatics at Kyoto University. His research focuses on the analysis of user behavior in online knowledge aggregating communities. He also teaches at The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics where he is also developing a new comprehensive Data Science specialization track. Andrew has a master’s degree in Information Economics from the University of Michigan and was an IAESTE Fellow at Lenovo Advanced System Design Centre in Shenzhen, China.

Akihiro Yokotani

Music & Sound Director

Akihiro majored in Sound Design at Kobe Institute of Computing. He is inspired by electronic music such as electronica, idm, ambient, industrial and experimental music. In 2008, Aki established his own music label “biasRecords” and is currently composing for a number of clients.

Ali Almahr

Graphics & Style Development

Ali is more involved in writing, style development, and 2D/3D design. He studied Print and Design in the US, and worked for approximately 5 years in that field before going to Japan. There, he finished the Media Design graduate program with an emphasis on new media design and storytelling methods. Aside from previous graphic design work, Ali worked as a cameraman for the 2014 promotional video, Yokohama Rhythms. Afterwards, he worked as a freelance 2D designer until his collaboration with Aziz, where he started to focus on writing, 3D design, and character & style development.

Aziz Almahr

Animation & Direction

Aziz is a 3D artist and animator specializing in stylized characters and cartoony animation. He developed his skills through animation school, industry experience, and experimentation. His 3D skills evolved during his college years in the US, which led him to work in different roles in the industry such as Motion Capture Artist for the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Aziz is currently working with Ali Almahr on a personal project titled, The Stanley Saber Show, a webshow combining elements of adult animation with the structure of late-night television talk shows.

Aziz and Ali launched their production collective "NM8 Studios" in 2016.

Kim Denise Sato


Kim worked for a number of years in the UK games industry, designing level layout and game play before moving into 2D art work for games and illustration-based projects. She specializes in 2D digital and traditional illustration for books, character design and story boarding. She also has experience working with comics as a colourist as well as designing UI and icon graphical and illustrated art assets for games and websites.

Sarina Lowe

Digital Marketing Specialist

Sarina graduated from the University of Queensland in 2008 with a dual business degree, and has over 10 years of experience in digital media, having worked in London and Australia. Her work on digital campaigns and social marketing strategies include clients such as Hyundai Australia, Virgin Australia, Nike, Uber and many more.

Mariko Higuchi

Special Insurance Advisor

After graduating from university, Mariko worked for Nippon Life Insurance Company. She established a UK Investment Advisory Firm in 1996 and the company provides insurance and investment information to financial institutions and high net worth individuals. The company has agency agreements with Aflac, Zurich, Royal Skandia, Generali, Aviva etc. She trained over 50 sales advisors and back office staff. After establishing a couple more companies, she established a consulting firm in 2014. Using her Investment advisory skill and her business network, the company provides advisory services on Health, Beauty, Wealth Management and Wellbeing. She is also life coach for executives, Fitness Instructor, Food Adviser and Diet Coach.

Carl Bungay

Legal Advisor

Carl Bungay has over 15 years of legal experience and negotiating financial transactions. He has worked for a number of leading global investment banks in Europe, Asia Pacific (including Japan), across all markets facing a range of client type across all jurisdictions. Carl holds a LLB from Essex University, Masters of European law, University of Amsterdam and completed his Postgraduate studies in law at Oxford University.

Nagisa Uchiyama

Administrative Assistant & Translator


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